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CourseWeaver's expert team is available to support your use and adoption of LON-CAPA and Hosted LON-CAPA with technical help, training, personalized workshops and course content conversion/acquisition. Contact us: request@courseweaver.com

Get LON-CAPA Support Make a Payment Course Request *We take privacy very serious and are in complete compliance with all state and federal laws, including FERPA.

What is LON-CAPA?

LON-CAPA is an e-learning platform, also known as a Course Management System (CMS) or Learning Management System (LMS). It possesses the standard features...click for more


LON-CAPA Implementation

And support services to k-12 schools and universities, with worry-free server maintenance and nightly data backup.


Migration & Conversion

We convert and migrate material from your other course management system into your LON-CAPA implementation.


On-site Training

Customized, on-site workshops tailored to fit the needs of any institution and any budget. Contact us for more details!


Integration | Customization

Integration into your school’s authentication and administration systems, as well as other course and learning management systems.


Training | Workshops

Group and individual on-site training for all LON-CAPA system users (administrators, authors, instructors, course coordinators, etc). All training is personalized to fit the needs of each individual institution.


Maintenance | Support

Remote and on-site services supporting your school's hardware and software installation of LON-CAPA.


Problem Library Coding

Assistance or complete outsourcing for coding your courses and textbook problem libraries into the LON-CAPA system format (e.g. homework, assessments, practice, exams, etc.)

material conversion

Course Material Conversion

Converting your course material from other course management systems and help in coding and importing into the LON-CAPA format.

textbook liaison

Commercial Textbook Publisher Liaison

Coordinating on your behalf with publishers for provision of their proprietary content within LON-CAPA.

Hosted LON-CAPA brings you a fully featured Learning/Content Management System with powerful authoring tools and easy to use pre-made course templates and incredible customer service. Want to create a blended learning environment? No problem! LON-CAPA was designed from the ground up to support all aspects of learning. With automatic grading solutions for math and science, with powerful analytics, and full support of multimedia integrations, we have you covered.

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*We take privacy very serious and are in complete compliance with all state and federal laws, including FERPA.

Hosted LON-CAPA Offers

  • Fully-integrated Learning/Content Management System (LMS/CMS)
  • Close to 100% uptime on our servers
  • 24/7 access from any device with a web browser
  • Collaboration with a worldwide educational community
  • Clear and easy-to-follow help documentation
  • Questions and assignments from publishers are available to current users of the specific textbook. Upon verification, textbook content will become avaialable to your class.

 Pricing | K-12

Intermediate School District

$3000 yearly

District License

$1500 yearly

School License

$400 yearly (for unlimited courses & sections)

Course License

$80 yearly (for unlimited sections)

*$200 one-time set-up fee

 Pricing | University & College

Up to 100 students

$140 per course/semester


$220 per course/semester


$340 per course/semester


$420 per course/semester

over 400

$420 plus $30 per course/semester for each additional 100 students

*$200 one-time set-up fee

*Customized billing can be provided to suit specific needs on an institutional or per-student basis.

Free is Not Free!

Average Free Installation

  • LON-CAPA Server
  • LON-CAPA Library Server
  • Campus Networking/Hosting/Server Fees
  • Time Away From Teaching
  • IT Personnel

Yearly Cost | $12,000 - $30,000+

CourseWeaver Hosting

  • 24/7 User Support | Documentation
  • Course Setup | Domain Setup | Cloning
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Migration | Conversion
  • Integration Support

Maximum Cost | $1.40/student

LON CAPA is supported by Michigan State University along with a consortium of educational institutions around the globe. The technology is protected by U. S. Patent 8,504,482.